Saturday, January 3, 2015

Most of today went again into Lino’s documentation: I updated /tutorials/lets/index after feedback from Mahmoud.

It was already late when I saw Georg Brandl’s mail which announced that the Sphinx developers moved from bitbucket to github. I revised the Trove classifiers for atelier :

  • added Framework :: Sphinx :: Extension

  • changed Development Status to 5 - Production/Stable

I saw that they successfully migrated my two open problem reports:

  • 1654 (“autosummary should ignore imported members”, created 2014-12-19, actually a duplicate of 1061)

  • 1656 (“autodoc warns without giving the source file name”, created 2014-12-23).

I forked and cloned the Sphinx project and noted that this broke the Lino docs (they produced warnings during build). Which was normal since my patch for 1656 had not yet been accepted. Aha, and my patch for 1654 was not yet applied and the issue not solved (although Takayuki marked it as closed). So I re-applied my patches for these issues (unfortunately I now have them both in a single branch), pushed them to my fork and submitted a pull request for these two issues.

I then saw the message “The Travis CI build failed” for my pull request, clicked on Details and was impressed: the brave worker job at had silently tested my pull request in a dozen of different environments and disclosed the fact that my change would break Sphinx’s test suite.

That’s called “a hosted continuous integration service”. I had been reading about it earlier, and had thought “nice gimmick to use some day in the future”, but now I felt that I also want it now and for my own projects! Learned how to get started.

Added a .travis.yml file to atelier and lino and activated Travis projects Atelier and Lino. Got the Atelier test suite to pass on Travis.

TODO: Make the Lino test suite also pass. Currently it fails: