Sunday, January 4, 2015

Getting started on Travis

Tilt! (see yesterday) The test suite on travis fails because fab initdb has not been running. So in Lino’s .travis.yml I replace:

script: python test


script: fab initdb test

And yes (Python is cool): it works. The next build successfully initializes all demo databases.

But still some test cases fail with an OperationalError: no such table: users_user. Strange. I can reproduce it locally:

$ cd ~/tmp
$ virtualenv 0104
$ . 0104/bin/activate
$ go lino
$ pip install .
$ fab initdb test

Maybe it is because the database files (default.db) get written to the source tree? To be continued…

Error reporting atelier

I optimized atelier error reporting in some edge situations:

  • failed with a strange error message when trying to build a doctree with a blogger_index directive but with no blog entry at all.

  • When atelier.projects.add_project() was used to declare a project which had no, this caused an irritating ImportError: No module named fabfile even when a fab command was invoked from another project.

  • I reformulated the error message Check doc_trees in your project's main module. by Check your project's doc_trees setting.