Tuesday, January 6, 2015ΒΆ

Started to work on #51 (Send email notification on update): We want to send email to a configurable list of addresses when one of the following fields of a lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw.models.Client have been modified: first_name, last_name, national_id, primary address, bank account number.

This has nothing to do with lino.modlib.changes, except that it is a second use case for the on_ui_created, on_ui_updated and pre_ui_delete signals. It must be implemented by writing a receiver for that signal.

Renamed pre_ui_create to on_ui_created and pre_ui_update to on_ui_updated because they are sent when save() has been called.

I moved class ChangeWatcher from lino.core.dbutils to lino.core.utils.

And lino.dd no longer includes a shortcut to this class because it has nothing to do with data definition.

Continued tomorrow.