Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Recurrent polls

Wow. I finished a first proof of concept for the Polls in Lino Welfare as the users in Chatelet want them.

Especially AnswersByResponse.answer_buttons and AnswersByResponse.get_slave_summary were a challenge.

I invented some new API methods for working with action requests. lino.core.actors.Actor.actions is now part of the public API. Started to write documentation (but yes, there is much to do):

Show all appointable users in create_visit

The user field of CreateClientVisit, the “manual” dialog action for creating a prompt meeting, now shows all appointable users, not only those whose newcomer_consultations checkbox is checked.

Fehlermeldung nach “Neuzugang zuweisen”

Ticket #87 was a tough one. But it seems that I got it.

I observed that the Save button sends a PUT to /api/newcomers/NewClients/121, but this PUT returns with detail_handler_name set to “pcsw.Clients.detail”. This is wrong. And BTW it opens a second Detail window: if you click now the window’s “Close” button, you see the “same” detail a second time. The newcomers.NewClients and pcsw.Clients tables share the same detail_layout, but they have different parameters.

The mystery lied in the collaboration of ar.goto_instance and obj.get_detail_action. If the action requests’s actor can be used for the object instance, then it must have priority over the object’s default table.