Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Final sprint before an upgrade in ÖSHZ Eupen.

I moved make_cache_file from Site to Kernel. This probably fixes a rather internal problem: Our basic strategy is that Lino does not create any cache files when the directory specified by MEDIA_ROOT does not exist. In certain cases it got created nevertheless, but became available only after restarting the development server.

In yesterday’s blog entry I can now easily refer e.g. to detail_handler_name using a cool trick: the new lino.core.requests.ValidActionResponses class is a placeholder for defining the allowed keywords to ar.set_response.

Resolved #81. The doctor_tye of a RefundConfirmation can now be left blank, and in that case the doctor’s client_contact_type will be used. A positive side effect: if no doctor_type is given, the selection list for doctor no longer shows all persons but only those who have a refundable client contact type (i.e. ClientContactType.can_refund is checked.)

Commit, push and upgrade on

Resolved #59. The default value for Granting.signer was set in after_ui_create, but did not save the object again. It is now set in full_clean, which means that users cannot set that field to empty for confirmations whose aid_type has confirmed_by_primary_coach checked. Which anyway was just a theoretic possibility.

Resolved #53. The tricky part here is that EventsByClient shows two types of events: those who are “directly” linked to the client through their Event.project field, and those where this client participates as guest. Changed insert_layout and get_filter_kw of EventsByClient.

Commit & push

Started to evaluate whether #76 is difficult to solve. Discovered that eupen and chatelet could not print any presence certificate. They forgot to load the standard excerpt types (which are in std2 now). Wrote a new tested document Usage of database excerpts in Lino Welfare.

Commit, push and upgrade on ÖSHZ Eupen.

The online demo of Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga” was broken because i forgot to remove is_pupil and is_teacher from a layout.

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