Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I decided that we won’t let ticket #95 touch as deep into Lino’s heart as I thought yesterday. I created ticket #96 instead and simply use another layout as a workaround for #95. And it turns out that the new layout is maybe even better than our original plan. Anyway it caused two new features:

  • New Plugin attribute short_name.

  • The tab panel of a detail window no has its enableTabScroll set to True to enable scrolling to tabs that may be invisible due to overflowing the overall TabPanel width.

And then I discovered (after quite some search because i had been looking at the wrong place) why we couldn’t see the icon of the FindByBeIdAction. The reason was Lino’s .gitignore file. It contained an entry media and therefore the file vcard_add.png had never been included to the code repository.

Checkin and upgrade in ÖSHZ Eupen and CPAS de Châtelet.

Registered two new tickets #97 and #98.