Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ticket #93 was trickier than expected. Some of the secondary changes:

  • The permission behaviour is mostly defined in Confirmable.

  • The manager_level_field of a UserAuthored can now be None. And Confirmable uses this new feature.

  • lino_welfare.modlib.aids.fixtures.demo now lets some of the generated confirmations be confirmed.

  • Merged the get_workflow_buttons method on Actor into the workflow_buttons() method, and moved this method to Model lino.core.model.Model.workflow_buttons().

Visible changes

  • ConfirmationsByGranting (our “pseudo-virtual” table) now also shows the fields signer. And the grid no longer offers a workflow_buttons column which anyway didn’t work.

  • Moved a chapter from The lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw plugin into a separate document Avoiding duplicate clients. This document shows a consequence of having workflow_buttons moved from Actor to Model.

Language and recipient of an excerpt

I noticed and fixed another problem:

Bescheinigungen wurden bisher immer in der Sprache des Klienten ausgedruckt. Ab jetzt immer in der Sprache des Empfängers (wenn es einen gibt).

Setting the recipient of a confirmation caused this to be printed, but the excerpt neither stored that recipient nor select the corresponding language of that recipient.

Added a test case to Usage of database excerpts in Lino Welfare which tests this new rule. And lino_welfare.fixtures.demo now distributes different languages to each partner.

Neue Auszugsart “Aktenblatt”

Fixed #98.

Neues Feld “ID Buchhaltung” pro Klient

Fixed #97 (Neues Feld “ID Buchhaltung” pro Klient).


Fixed #71 (Plausibilitätstest (Aktenkontrollliste)).

Renamed ClientsTest to StrangeClients (my personal naming convention is that a table name should end with the plural for of the model. Added a new table lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw.models.MyStrangeClients.

Java problems

I released new versions of DavLink and eidreader. No change in the code, but the signature is no longer expired.

The repositories now contain only my self-signed jars, I removed the “signed” variants which used to be signed using a GlobalSign code certificate. An “officialy certified” signature is not necessary for any known user, they must only set up their clients security policies correctly.

The signing didn’t work out of the box, it caused some optimizations in JarBuilder which is now in a separate module. The usage API is slightly changed. Signing with a timestamp is now optional, and the URL of the TSA can be configured.

Filter parameters of newcomers.NewClients

#91 (newcomers.NewClients : new parameter & default values) is for tomorrow. But I added a test case (Newcomers (tested tour)) to prepare for it.