Monday, June 1, 2015

Started branch “novat”

This weekend I did quite some changes for #143. Most things are currently broken, but I’d like to commit my work of the last days because this project is probably going to rest for a week (two urgent TIM customer requests, and on Thursday I’m leaving for Rakvere until Sunday).

The changes are mainly due to the fact that we want to integrate the existing accounting modules into Lino Welfare, but without the notion of VAT. PCSWs have accounts, ledger, journals, movements, invoices, bank statements, payment orders like every accounting system, but they don’t want to have three totals (total_excl, total_vat, and total_incl) for every operation. New module lino.modlib.novat.

git status reports a dozen of modified files, one deletion, one rename, and about 6 new files (classified as the usual “Changes to be committed”, “Changes not staged for commit” and “Untracked files”).

And these changes are in two repositories lino and welfare.

git status also reports “On branch master” for both repos.

In the Lino repo it adds “Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’.” (TODO: explain this.)

This is a situation where a branch is useful. Here is how to create a branch from my local changes (to be done in both repos)

$ git checkout -b novat

Now I can add my local changes and commit as usual:

$ git add <specify new files>
$ fab ci

Later I will need to merge the novat branch into master.