Friday, July 3, 2015

Configuring print templates

Yesterday I worked the whole day for making the Lino documentation better, and still I am not satisfied!

Continued to work on Configuring print templates, Developer intro to printing and excerpts: Database excerpts.

One “problem” when I am writing documentation about Lino is that while thinking about how to explain it, I usually get ideas for making the code better (structure, API, new features, …). On of these ideas today was the new plugin lino.modlib.printing which regroups what was in lino.mixins.printable before. APDU response error: 27823

Users reported some error messages by eidreader. I started a new documentation page Reported issues.

#319 (type object ‘ClientEvents’ has no attribute ‘created’)

This error message appeared in integ. Added a section in docs/tested/integ.rst to reproduce it. Added new client event lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw.choicelists.ClientCreated.

Trying to write a doctest unveiled another issue: A lino.utils.reports.Report is not a normal table but a subclass EmptyTable. And the method failed on this kind of actor with an error message:

`AttributeError: type object 'ActivityReport' has no attribute 'to_rst'`

This was issue #320 (Lino cannot show report to console). Quite some changes in lino.utils.reports and elsewhere.