Thursday, July 2, 2015

Inheritable hook for defining parameter fields

I wanted to write documentation about how to configure printable templates… but I discovered and fixed a subtle problem:

  • The Office ‣ My excerpts table never displays excerpts of other users even when the user manually sets the User filter parameter to empty.

This lead to a series of cool new concepts:

  • lino.core.actors.Actor.get_parameter_fields()

  • lino.core.model.Model.get_parameter_fields()

  • lino.modlib.users.mixins.My

TODO: Adapt lino.modlib.system.mixins.PeriodEvents to make use of this new feature.

Configuring printable templates

Before writing about how to configure printable templates, I had to tidy up the Lino Welfare documentation tree in order to find the “entry point” for this howto. It guess that the logical place is in the welfare.admin (since 2018-10-31 in Configuring print templates).