Friday, July 10, 2015

It seems that lino.modlib.excerpts needs another subtle feature. Currently the system adminstrator can define several excerpt types per model. In that case one of these is marked as primary and possibly also certifying. Now in Chatelet they want that the main template of an immersion contract (lino_welfare.modlib.immersion.models.Contract) can vary depending on some value of some field of the excerpt’s owner (the database object being printed). Currently there is one primary excerpt type per database model (which defines one main template).

Possible solutions:

  • create a new database model, i.e. we would have two types of immersion contracts.

  • Add a kind of locally configurable rule, e.g. a callable property of the lino_welfare.modlib.integ plugin:

    def get_contract_template(self, obj, ar):
        """Called when `template` field of excerpt type is empty."""
        return "Default.odt"

    which in Chatelet would become:

    def get_contract_template(self, obj, ar):
        assert isinstance(obj, rt.models.immersion.Contract)
        if is None:
            return "StageInterne.odt"
        return "StageForem.odt"