Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bryan Lunduke invested several days to find out whether he is missing out on anything by not running Windows 10 as his primary operating system. Short answer: no. More detailed answer in A Linux user tries out Windows 10.

I afterwards read his article 11 pointless but awesome Linux terminal tricks and installed sl, lolcat and cmatrix. And I now even have fortune | lolcat in my .bashrc.

Selecting the main template of a contract

I understood that my first approach yesterday was not good and that there is a better one.

Added a method lino.modlib.excerpts.mixins.Certifiable.get_excerpt_templates(), a field lino_welfare.modlib.isip.mixins.ContractTypeBase.template and a method lino_welfare.modlib.isip.mixins.ContractBase.get_excerpt_templates(). is no longer a lino.modlib.printing.mixins.PrintableType (because this was :class:no longer needed, and because it defined a conflicting template field). has 3 fields less because…

I wrote some docstrings, e.g. lino_welfare.modlib.immersion.models.ContractType.

There was some side effect in lino_welfare.modlib.integ.fixtures.demo which caused certain contracts to be of same type. Fixing this resulted in more contracts generated and thus caused quite some changes in the suite of tested documents for Lino Welfare.

Excerpt types no longer need to have the “Default.odt” in their template field because that’s the build method’s default value.

Checked in because the test suites now pass. TODO: actual content of the two new templates in lino_welfare.modlib.immersion.