20150803 (Monday, 03 August 2015)

Actually I wanted to just work on #313 (TinyMCE accepts editing readonly fields), but I wanted to reproduce the problem somewhere in Lino and happened to choose lino.projects.cms for this. Which made me stumble over a bundle of poorly documented problems, and I did a little dive in order to fix them. One of theese problems was #267 (obj2html() in Lino Noi). It seems that changing root_urlconf is no recommended practice because when you have custom urls, then you also want a custom renderer. lino.core.requests.BaseRequest.get_printable_context() no longer makes a copy of itself with modified renderer, but ar again points to the actual request. To be observed. It seems that the known problems are fixed. Here be dragons.

I then “fixed” #313 by switching lino.modlib.tinymce.Plugin.media_name back from TinyMCE 3.5.11 to 3.4.8.

A few options of TinyMCE had been hard-coded until now. Now they are configurable:

I also changed the default values for the first two options from (600, 500) to (500, 400) because on a lower resolution monitor the old size was too big, which was quite disturbing because there was no way to close the window.

Finally I passed the whole day on tickets like #270 (Links to tickets using :ticket: role are broken) and #387 (Final sprint team.lino-framework.org) and can now proudly announce:

This is the publicly visible part of the ticketing and time-tracking system (Lino Noi of course) for the Lino team.

What is the Lino team? I started to write an answer: https://www.saffre-rumma.net/team.html