20150804 (Tuesday, 04 August 2015)

Once again I could not refrain from doing yet another optimization to Lino Noi: #391 (Assign new tickets to reporter). We have now a new user role lino.modlib.tickets.roles.Worker. En passant I repaired the test suite working : Work time tracking.

Worked on #321 (Modèles d’impression mai-juillet 2015). Added new method lino.utils.addressable.Adressable.has_address() for usage in document templates.

Updated excerpts/Default.odt to use that new method.

About LibreOffice form controls

The template of a printable document may contain form controls when using some of the LibreOffice build methods defined in lino.modlib.appypod.choicelists. Of course these controls will be editable only when the template is being rendered using an editable method (i.e. either .odt, .doc or .rtf, but not .pdf).

We recommend to avoid this kind of usage since it causes data to be stored in a generated printable document. Whenever a printable document contains semantic “formalizable” data, the preferred way is to define this in the underlying database models.

‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

I tried once more to understand how to reproduce #159 (ERROR: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable). Without success. But at least the documentation grew a bit better, e.g. Budget.entry_groups now has a docstring.

Better documentation for Lino Welfare

I noticed that Lino Welfare had tolerate_sphinx_warnings set to True.

One of the problems was to get the icon for external links into Scenario. I saw that FontAwesome includes such an icon http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icon/external-link/ and that they use Unicode f08e for it. Although Emacs displays C-x 8 RET f08e RET correctly on my monitor, the character “” does not display correctly in the resulting html. Interesting.

The Scenario page is now a first example of how to use FontAwesome in a Sphinx tree. TODO: move this into a Sphinx extension (#392).

“My tasks” table shows tasks in far future

Received and fixed #393 (“My tasks” table shows tasks in far future).

In order to test this, I started a new chapter about Calendar tasks in the Specs. Which caused once more an avalanche of documentation changes, especially I re-united the models of lino_xl.lib.cal back into a single module lino_xl.lib.cal, and moved the tables to a new module lino_xl.lib.cal.ui.

Nebenbuchhaltung Sozialhilfeausgaben

Unfortunately with all the above things, I did not yet manage to work much on #143 (Nebenbuchhaltung Sozialhilfeausgaben) I started with some changes in Accounting for Lino Welfare which btw. currently doesn’t pass. Checkin because it is time to go to bed.