20150824 (Monday, 24 August 2015)

TinyMCE and subdomains

I fixed on #443 (Cannot insert HTML links using TinyMCE).

The problem seems to be local. Maybe I must just run collectstatic? No, that was not the reason. But ouch, now I see the explanation. Javascript console says Error: Permission denied to access property "tinymce" in tiny_mce_popup.js. And that file has a comment:

// Uncomment and change this document.domain value if you are loading the script cross subdomains
// document.domain = 'moxiecode.com';

And indeed on a production server it is being served from a different subdomain. How to solve this? Does Django have a feature of patching static files before applying them?

And before trying to do it automatically, I changed that line manually:

document.domain = 'lino-framework.org';

But this was not enough. Aha: - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/572025/tiny-mce-popups-blank-in-django-admin - http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/TinyMCE3x:How-to_load_TinyMCE_crossdomain

So I must also change it in tinymce.js. And finally we have a new setting lino.modlib.tinymce.Plugin.document_domain.

IntegrityError beim Löschen eines Ortes ohne Adressen

I did some research for #418.

At a customer’s production site, Lino sends the following server traceback when a user tries to delete a given place (countries.Place):

IntegrityError: (1451, 'Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`dbname`.`contacts_person`, CONSTRAINT `city_id_refs_id_d349fc28` FOREIGN KEY (`city_id`) REFERENCES `countries_place` (`id`))')

Thanks to thread Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails on Stackoverflow I got more details on what has happened:

mysql> show engine 'innodb' status;

150824  9:54:33 Transaction:
TRANSACTION 3A9BA6, ACTIVE 0 sec updating or deleting
mysql tables in use 1, locked 1
6 lock struct(s), heap size 1248, 4 row lock(s), undo log entries 1
MySQL thread id 621034, OS thread handle 0x7f46fc04c700, query id 63183278 localhost django updating
DELETE FROM `countries_place` WHERE `id` IN (1041)
Foreign key constraint fails for table `cpas_eupen`.`contacts_person`:
  CONSTRAINT `city_id_refs_id_d349fc28` FOREIGN KEY (`city_id`) REFERENCES `countries_place` (`id`)
Trying to delete or update in parent table, in index `PRIMARY` tuple:
DATA TUPLE: 11 fields;
 0: len 4; hex 80000411; asc     ;;
 1: len 6; hex 0000003a9ba6; asc    :  ;;
 2: len 7; hex 0a000038141b4f; asc    8  O;;
 3: len 22; hex 457570656e20286e696368742062656e75747a656e29; asc Eupen (nicht benutzen);;
 4: len 2; hex 4245; asc BE;;
 5: len 4; hex 34373030; asc 4700;;
 6: len 0; hex ; asc ;;
 8: len 0; hex ; asc ;;
 9: len 0; hex ; asc ;;
 10: len 0; hex ; asc ;;

But in child table `cpas_eupen`.`contacts_person`, in index `contacts_person_b376980e`, there is a record:
PHYSICAL RECORD: n_fields 2; compact format; info bits 0
 0: len 4; hex 80000411; asc     ;;
 1: len 4; hex 800310b0; asc     ;;


I wrote a script 20150824.py with this content:

from lino.api.shell import *
qs = contacts.Person.objects.filter(city_id=1041)
print qs
print qs.query

And the output is:

$ python manage.py run 20150824.py
SELECT `contacts_partner`.`id`, `contacts_partner`.`modified`,
`contacts_partner`.`created`, `contacts_partner`.`country_id`,
`contacts_partner`.`city_id`, `contacts_partner`.`zip_code`,
`contacts_partner`.`region_id`, `contacts_partner`.`addr1`,
`contacts_partner`.`street_prefix`, `contacts_partner`.`street`,
`contacts_partner`.`street_no`, `contacts_partner`.`street_box`,
`contacts_partner`.`addr2`, `contacts_partner`.`name`,
`contacts_partner`.`language`, `contacts_partner`.`email`,
`contacts_partner`.`url`, `contacts_partner`.`phone`,
`contacts_partner`.`gsm`, `contacts_partner`.`fax`,
`contacts_partner`.`remarks`, `contacts_partner`.`is_obsolete`,
`contacts_partner`.`iban`, `contacts_partner`.`bic`,
`contacts_person`.`partner_ptr_id`, `contacts_person`.`title`,
`contacts_person`.`first_name`, `contacts_person`.`middle_name`,
`contacts_person`.`last_name`, `contacts_person`.`gender`,
`contacts_person`.`birth_date` FROM `contacts_person` INNER JOIN
`contacts_partner` ON ( `contacts_person`.`partner_ptr_id` =
`contacts_partner`.`id` ) WHERE `contacts_partner`.`city_id` = 1041
ORDER BY `contacts_person`.`last_name` ASC,
`contacts_person`.`first_name` ASC

This seems to indicate that MySQL has some index file out of sync. Is that true? How do such things happen? According to 2.19.4 Rebuilding or Repairing Tables or Indexes the problem might vanish by doing a dump and reloading it. If this is true for a Lino dump (which is possible but not sure), then the problem should disappear automagically after the next release.

The murder bug explained

Ha! It seems that I found the explanation for the “murder bug” (#296).

We had another case of suddenly vanishing data.

Today it was Budget #47. They asked Lino to delete this budget because they did not see at that moment that it is their SiteConfig.master_budget. In such a situation Lino simply says “Cannot delete Budget 47 because 1 SiteConfig refers to it”. It should say. It does say it in a demo environment. But it obviously did not say it today at noon on a production server. And since the default value for on_delete of ForeignKey fields is CASCADE, the database server did its duty: delete all related objects. Not only the SiteConfig, but also the user who had created that budget, and then everything authored by that user. 29 Excerpts, 250 Changes, 133 Budgets, 3 Uploads, 44 Coachings, 239 Events/Notes…

So there must be cases where Lino’s lino.core.ddh fails to throw a veto. And then, logically, Lino lets users delete a database object that shouldn’t get deleted because it has related objects.

My first reaction is this: lino.core.kernel.Kernel.kernel_startup() now does another loop through all the models and sets on_delete to PROTECT for all FK fields that are not listed in their model’s allow_cascaded_delete.

I manually repaired their data from a snapshot, and used the occasion to also make a full database dump and restore. And yes: no more IntegrityError when trying to delete “Eupen (nicht benutzen)”, and Lino now refuses to delete the budget #47.

The explanation for the murder bug is that current Lino versions can fail to see related objects when some MySQL index tables are out of sync. And when then deleting such an object, the database will cascadedly delete all related objects.

This is a reason for a quick upgrade.