Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I wanted to send a list of tickets deployed in the coming release for my customer, but Lino Noi said #453 (invalid worksheet name u’Deployed tickets von weleup:com’). Fixed.

Continued to repair the test suite (mostly due to changes caused by #143).

Checkin (also changes of yesterday).

I tested the new log_each_action_request because we will probably activate it for some time in Eupen after our emotions around the murder bug. I discovered that some actions did’t have their readonly attribute set to False and therefore were not logged.

Release in Eupen

After the upgrade and when restoring the dump, I decided to write a migrator, mainly in order to make sure that no IBAN/BIC fields stored on Partner get lost. Worked a bit on Data migrations à la Lino.

Empty budgets

Exploring #329. Here is a Lino script (designed to be invoked with pm run) which prints all empty budgets:

from lino.api.shell import *
from django.db.models import Count
qs = debts.Budget.objects.annotate(num=Count('entry')).filter(num__gt=0)
for obj in qs:
    print obj.id, obj.user.username

object of type ‘generator’ has no len()

Fixed a bug which occurred when printing a release report with a recipient in Lino Noi:

Error while evaluating expression
"this.excerpt_type.print_recipient and this.has_address()".
TypeError: object of type 'generator' has no len()