Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#419 (Optionally log each database change to Lino logger) : changed the format of the log message.

The first draft had been:

INFO run_action <TableRequest cal.MyEvents.wf1({'user': u'rolf'})>

Now it is:

INFO run_action rolf cal.MyEvents.wf1 None [Event #537 (u'Termin #537 Auswertung (22.05.2014 08:30)')]

(i.e. the word “run_action” followed by the username, the action name, the master instance and the list of selected rows)


Worked on #341 (Supervisor) : new user profile lino_welfare.modlib.welfare.roles.Supervisor.

About “editable” actions

Discovered a bug that would have been a spoiler in Eupen: the checkin, receive and checkout actions (which are no longer readonly because we want them to get logged via #419) had disappeared. This is because we had the following in attach_to_actor:

if not actor.editable and not self.readonly:
    return False

This is possibly not the last side effect. of #419. The readonly attribute is documented to mean “only changes in the current object”. I don’t remember why this subtlety was needed.

Empfangsbeamte müssen den Reiter “Sonstiges” sehen können

Got an urgent ticket: #455 (Empfangsbeamte müssen den Reiter “Sonstiges” sehen können).

The panel’s required_roles was indeed SocialStaff:


I solved this by making it visible to ContactsStaff as well:

required_roles=dd.required((SocialStaff, ContactsStaff))

Note the subtlety in above code. The following code would not have the expected result:

required_roles=dd.required(SocialStaff, ContactsStaff)

because that would mean that both roles SocialStaff and ContactsStaff are required. In this case we want to say that one of either is enough.


I wrote a bit about Data migrations à la Lino and removed the tolerate_sphinx_warnings from Lino’s

NameError: global name ‘when_text’ is not defined

A simple bug had slipped through the test suite. Fixing it was easy, but it took me half an hour to make it reproduceable (in cal : Calendar plugin for Lino Welfare).