Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I activated ledger, finan and vatless for lino_welfare.projects.eupen and released this to their production site. Which means that the first prototype of #143 has become visible.

Theoretically this change would not affect any existing user profiles except SiteAdmin. But in practice it did: most actors in these modules did not yet have their required_roles set. Fixed.

I ran the following script to load lino_welfare.modlib.ledger.fixtures.std into their database:

from lino_welfare.modlib.ledger.fixtures.std import objects
for obj in objects():

During the day Gerd reported a similar detail: #480. Indeed lino.modlib.ledger.ui.DebtsByPartner did not have required_roles set.

This made me discover and fix a subtle framework bug: ShowSlaveTable must “inherit” the required_roles of the table.

Having set required_roles on the table, the button did not disappear, but clicking on it no longer opened the window with the table, only an error message in the JavaScript console:

TypeError: Lino.ledger.DebtsByPartner.grid is undefined

Explanation: the button was rendered since it did not inherit the requirements.

I noticed that Lino still declared its development status as “beta”. It is of course a subjective decision, but for me “beta” is definitively not true any more. Changed it to Stable and released the good news to PyPI as version 1.6.19. Also for Lino Welfare.