Saturday, September 5, 2015

I continued with #469 (Public web interface needs search and pagination).

The required_roles of tickets.Tickets is now set([]), i.e. everybody would see all ticket tables. Actually this is not wrong, anyway we need to check per ticket whether it is visible (because that depends on whether it is private or not).

I moved some bootstrap-specific code from lino.core to lino.modlib.bootstrap3.

And cool! lino_noi.projects.bs3 becomes usable. On tickets.Tickets I now use the detail_html_template attribute. This is the first proof of this idea.

En passant I discovered and fixed a baby bug in disable_delete which occurred in Lino Così because there we have MTI without Polymorphic. Also wrote a test case to cover this.

The tickets/Ticket/detail.html now filters out the description of private tickets for people who have no right to see them. That is, private tickets are actually not invisible. It is just their description that’s invisible. (to be observed in practice)


Worked on #498 (Http404: contacts.Persons has no row with primary key u‘1674’) : changes in linoweb.js and lino.modlib.extjs.views.

Noticed new ticket #504 : The JSON API is currently not well designed at all, it has just grown during the years with the needs. TODO: change it into a well-documented public API.