Sunday, September 6, 2015

A new team member

Welcome to Hamza Khchine from Tunisia who is going to invest some of his time for Lino. Hamza has good chances of becoming my assistant.

Read SEPA data from the bank

I created a new ticket #505:

Add functionality for reading SEPA data (the “statements”, i.e. details of movements for each account) from the bank into Lino. TIM currently does that using CODA files, but it is better to switch to XML.

For the moment in lino.modlib.sepa there is just one model Account. We will have new models Statement, Movement and Info.

See Les extraits de compte codifiés (Les formats XML et CODA) (we probably need format MX.CAMT.053), i.e. XML message for statement (Implementation guidelines) applies)

Problems with TinyMCE popups

In lino.modlib.tinymce I switched back from 3.5.11 to 3.4.8 because I had again problems with the popup windows (see #443 and lino.modlib.tinymce.Plugin.document_domain). Just to try if the version is involved.

A User’s Guide for Lino Noi

I started a first draft of a User’s Guide for Lino Noi: A short crash course. This is work in progress. Not yet too urgent. Ticket #507.

KeyError: u’’ in request POST /api/sepa/AccountsByClient

I created and fixed ticket #508. And a new test case lino_welfare.projects.std.tests.test_sepa.