Thursday, September 10, 2015

Deployment process optimization

In connection with #510 I have been thinking and doing a series of little changes in Lino Noi around the deployment process.

Some text which I wrote first into the #510 is now in an official document: Installing a preview site.

My customers basically need two reports which were already almost possible with the current Lino Noi (but only almost).

A first report is a list of changes to come with a planned release. That is, the tickets that will be deployed in a release. This report exists (click the Print button on a Milestone), but it was still quite difficult to manage the deployments.

The second report is a list of known problems for a site. That is, a list of tickets matching the following conditions:

  • explicitly reported for my site, or reported on some other site but with a product used on my site (and not private)

  • not yet deployed, i.e. no deployment with a milestone whose “reached” date is non-empty (and before end_date).

And then we need some way for the users to easily see this list. Should we send weekly emails? No. In a first step we just need a table with these conditions preset. A first pragmatic approach was to use the existing table TicketsBySite.

I also moved the Teamwork guide from Lino to Noi. This was maybe a bit radical because some links which I sent to Mahmoud, Sandeep and Hamza during the last months are now broken. But I prefer it short and sweet . I started to write the teamwork guide long before I imagined that we would use Lino Noi as our central ticketing system. Now this decision seems quite definitive, and Lino Noi (not the framework itself) is where these topics should be documented. For example, other companies might decide in the future to maintain Lino using their own system and their own teamwork guide.


  • A ticket which occurs on a given site may be deployed to other sites as well. Removed the filter from the chooser of the milestone field of a deployment.

  • Added a new TicketEvent “todo” which means to show only tickets that are not yet deployed, i.e. have no deployment with a milestone whose reached date is non-empty (and before end_date of observed period).

  • now injects a new field user_site to lino.modlib.users.models.User. This field is typically empty for developers and non-empty for customers. If set, it points to the favourite site of this user.

  • The new table MyKnownProblems shows known problems on that site. Users with a favourite site gat a welcome message “There are X known problems on Y”

    MyKnownProblems is a bit special. Actually we would want it to be visible only for users whose field user_site is not empty. But the visibility of actors cannot be controlled per request, only per user profile.

  • Added a new field closed to Milestone. Because on some sites we now have a lot of old milestones (and deployments) which we don’t want to see in everyday work. The Milestones and Deployments tables now have filter parameters, the most important parameter being show_closed whose default value is “no”.

  • New field upgrade_notes of a ticket.

  • Changed the layout of a ticket’s detail window: “Dependencies” is now in second tab, “Deployments” in first tab.

  • New user role, and TicketsToTriage is visible only for users with this role. Adapted the set of user profiles used by Lino Noi (defined in lino.projects.presto.roles)