Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finishing #38

I finished repairing the test suites of welfare and faggio after #38. These were trivial (but time-consuming) problems.

Also building the docs for lino and welfare failed:

RuntimeError: Conflicting 'partner' models in application
'contacts': <class 'lino.modlib.contacts.models.Partner'> and
<class 'lino.projects.min2.modlib.contacts.models.Partner'>.

This was because Django 1.8 has become more severe about importing duplicate models. When autodoc tries to import the models of lino.projects.min2 and lino.modlib.statbel.countries, above problem rose. I worked around this by removing the modules from the autodoc tree (which is a pity because e.g. the lino.modlib.statbel.countries.models.Country class is no longer documented in the API).

Built all the docs and checked in all changes. Done!

Of course we must expect surprises with the next deployments to production servers. I plan to try it on testlino in Eupen first, and then on

There are a few RemovedInDjango19Warning warnings left. To get rid of them when working, I can do:

export PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore

Continued with #505

Before deploying to testlino in Eupen (planned for tonight around 20h GMT), I also did #622 and #596 (subtickets of #505 ) for which I saw the solution now:

  • lino_cosi.lib.sepa is again as it was before #505 : it has just one model Account. This is used for applications where users want to record in their database one or several bank account numbers of their partners.

  • All the stuff of #505 about importing statements from the bank has gone to a new module lino_xl.lib.b2c with Account Statements Movement.

  • So we have now two types of bank accounts in our database: we differentiate between simply “Bank accounts” (sepa.Account) and “Imported bank accounts” (b2c.Accounts).

  • A (simple) bank account is always linked to a partner, it is entered manually. Several partners may share a bank account (one IBAN number), and in that case there are ar simply several accounts with the same IBAN (but different partners).

  • A b2c.Account is not linked to any partner, it cannot be edited manually, and the IBAN number is unique. It groups the information imported from a B2C XML file.

    Lino helps the users to switch between these two types of bank accounts:

    In AccountsByClient we have the statements field which links to the imported information for a given sepa.Account.

    And in lino_xl.lib.b2c.ui.Accounts we have the partners virtual field which shows all partners assigned to this account.

Cool! Things are getting clearer! Ticket #505 reaches its end!

ReceptionClerk also SepaUser

Gerd reported that a ReceptionClerk must have permission to see the imported statements.