Monday, November 23, 2015

I committed a a docstring change in Lino.

More optimizations for #505

I continued on #626. With Gerd I inspected the statements imported last Friday. While before there were too many statements, now there were not enough of them. Trying with the electronic_sequence_number instead of the legal_sequence_number. Voilà, this yields more realistic data.

Here is a nice trick which I tried for the first time (because when I want to reset all tables of the lino_xl.lib.b2c plugin, reloading a full dump just seems like overkiill:

$ python sqlclear b2c > b2c_clear.sql
$ python sql b2c >> b2c_clear.sql
$ mysql -u USERNAME -p DATABASENAME < b2c_clear.sql

Don’t misuse width specifiers when defining layouts

A style hint for Hamza: when you write layouts, then don’t worry about the field widths. For example, I saw that you wrote something like this (in lino_xl.lib.b2c.ui.Movements):

detail_layout = """
statement:30 seqno:10 booking_date:20 amount:20
remote_account:20 remote_bic:10 eref:10
remote_owner:20 remote_owner_address:20 remote_owner_city:20 remote_owner_postalcode:20
remote_owner_country_code:20 transfer_type:20 value_date:20

It is easier to just write:

detail_layout = """
statement seqno booking_date amount
remote_account remote_bic eref
remote_owner remote_owner_address remote_owner_city remote_owner_postalcode
remote_owner_country_code transfer_type value_date

Usually the default width should yield a reasonable result. You add explicit widths in a layout only when there is a problem with the default behaviour. And even then it might be better to use set_widget_options, i.e. specify an alternate width for every usage of that field in a layout.


I noted that lino.core.requests.BaseRequest.confirm() does not work in a run script.

Fixed ticket #219

Yet another example of synergy: Hamza and I fixed ticket #219 during an extreme programming session with shared screens. This part of Lino is really complex and difficult to understand.

About the BankTransactionCode (<BkTxCd>)

In lino_xl.lib.b2c.models.Movement I renamed transfer_type to txcd.

The Lino Welfare end users want to see the textual meaning (not the numeric code) of this field.

It is documented at page 62 of the febelfin specs

The original camt module just imported the proprietary code, but not the issuer.

  • Proprietary <Prtry>: Proprietary identification of the bank transaction code, as defined by the issuer.

    • Code <Cd> : Proprietary bank transaction code to identify the underlying transaction. Max 35 characters.

    • Issuer <Issr> : Identification of the issuer of the proprietary bank transaction code.

For a Belgian PCSW the issuer will probably always by “BBA”, so for the moment I just created a simple new module lino_xl.lib.b2c.bba which contains the descriptions of all their possible codes. It was about two hours of work to copy these from the febelfin specs and to convert them to Python code.

And then a new virtual field lino_xl.lib.b2c.models.Movement.txcd_text.

TODO: the users will want to see them in French and German, but not in English.