Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I investigated about #624 (Ctrl-S triggers ComboBox to open).

Note that:

Lino.ComboBox = Ext.extend(Ext.form.ComboBox,{

By looking at the code of Ext.form.ComboBox (ext-all-debug.js somewhere below your collectstatic directory) you can see that the Ext.form.ComboBox.onLoad method is defined as follows:

onLoad : function(){
    if( > 0 || this.listEmptyText){

This indicates that a ComboBox field has the built-in behaviour that it expands when it has focus during onLoad.

Ctrl-S submits the current records, and that AJAX request also returns a data_record, which causes the Lino.FormPanel to get “loaded” and the “load” event is sent to all fields. So I guess that this method is somehow being called when the FormPanel got loaded.

I see no solution yet…

Shortcuts to starred tickets in welcome message

Ticket #629 was a quick idea (I was missing list of often-used ticket in the welcome screen and remembered the problem that it is probably good to give them a nickname)

French translations for transfer types

Patrick from sent me links the CODA specification which contain the “official” French translations of the “Bank transaction codes” used in Belgium.

It seems that “BBA” is a historic name, and that now “febelfin” is a better choice.

I replaced lino_xl.lib.b2c.bba (which was a first draft after copying the texts from their document) by lino_xl.lib.b2c.febelfin which uses translatable strings. Actually I used bba to generate febelfin (or at least the big dict which it contains.

I translated some of the descriptions, but more than 200 still need to be done.

I added the txcd_issuer <lino_xl.lib.b2c.models.Movement.txcd_issuer

I changed the model name “Movement” to Transaction because that’s how the SEPA standard calls them.

Ticket #37

Hamza and I started to work on #37.

Download ExtJS 6 GPL version from

Note: why do they say the following:

“If you start with a GPL license, you cannot convert to a commercial license simply by purchasing one.”

Created new project on GitHub:

Okay, the general Python stuff is there and functional. Now the actual work can start : fire up a runserver in mysite, open the browser on it and analyze the Javascript error messages.

  • names of include files have changed (see the methods defined in lino_extjs6.extjs.Plugin.

  • The ExtJS API changed a lot between 3 and 4. For example Ext.BoxComponent must become Ext.Component. And also:

    • Ext.FormPanel –> Ext.form.Panel

I guess that we would want to download that Migration pack mentioned at but the link is broken. We might contact Sencha and ask for it.

Here are some interesting hints: