20151127 (Friday, 27 November 2015)

I fixed #623 which was intersting because it revealed a conceptual problem: I added lino.modlib.comments.mixins.RFC.

I added a field lino_noi.lib.clocking.models.Session.faculty.

I defined a slave summary for SessionsByTicket: lino_noi.lib.clocking.ui.SessionsByTicket.slave_summary

StartTicketSession no longer shows in the workflow buttons (show_in_workflow is now False).

About demo databases

Hamza, I realized that you were right: fab initdb should have worked. Your problem was because mysite is not declared as a demo project in the fabfile.py. I now created #637 because your pitfall was caused by this. in order to fix it, you must add a call to add_demo_project in the fabfile.py of lino_extjs6. But since add_demo_project requires a Python module name (not a path), you must move the “mysite” directory somewhere below lino_extjs/ (I suggest e.g. lino_extjs6.projects.demo).

Durations of more than 24 hours

The lino.utils.quantities module did not yet support duations of more than 24 hours. Now it does. The problem was that it used str on a datetime.datetime instance without checking for its value of days.

>>> x = datetime.timedelta(days=128)
>>> print repr(x), isinstance(x, basestring)
>>> str(x)
'128 days, 0:00:00'

Working late in the night

The WorkedHours had a subtle bug: when a session had been across midnight (starting before midnight and ending the next day), then it was being computed on both days.

Better usage of memo_parse

Memo commands in the description of a ticket (e.g. a text like “See [ticket 37]”) were interpreted only by the bootstrap3 interface (i.e. when watching them on http://bugs.lino-framework.org/) and not by the extjs interface. Now also there.

Memo commands in a Comment did not yet work at all. Now they work in both user interfaces.

Repaired test suites

There were several cases failing in the test suites of Lino Welfare and Lino Noi after my changes of last days.

Interest from Québec

Lino received congratulations from Dario Gomez-Tafur, the author of django-softmachine. There are chances that we will collaborate in the one or another way. I joined the ring, my ringID is fa8a41081c6794f9e93e036b38ad9cac058a907a and I added this to my contact page.

About pull requests

Note that my last commit to lino_extjs6 was not mine at all, it is Hamza’s work. But he does not show up as contributor on GitHub. According to GitHub Help it might be because I was too eager to pull his changes and merge them to my master, I must rather let Hamza do a pull request and then accept pull request. We’ll try the next time.