Sunday, December 6, 2015

Yet another optimization for #657: clicking a username also fills the password field. So now even people who never read onscreen instructions will find their way into a Lino demo application (is_demo_site).

I finished some last ideas about defining screenshot albums (#632) in Lino-Tour and Tour de Lino. I plan to soon start a similar tour for Lino Così.

When building the docs I noticed #658, which was caused by a forgotten experimental line in Lino’s

autodoc_default_flags = ['no-imported-members']

There were other minor problems, e.g. some references to “faggio” had not yet been changed to “voga”. Or Links like user_types_module did not work from the Welfare Specs because of a bug in the Welfare docs

I finally started to work on #625. As expected this is still a show blocker for the Così Tour. Bugfixes. How to select multiple due movements?

A commit to lino_extjs6 is for Django 1.9 (due to #650) where the pointed model of a ForeignKey is no longer in but in field.rel.model.