Saturday, March 12, 2016

Still working on #825.

Found one problem (the lazy objects created by lino.core.choicelists.ChoiceList.display_text() worked only for newstr, not for six.text_type.

The error is so difficult to find because something is hiding the real traceback. I see only “‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘groups’” but have no idea which code causes this.

I decided to attack from another side: I repair the test suite for Voga. Maybe the same bug appears there in another form. Or maybe I get new ideas. I didn’t do this until now because officially Hamza is working on it. But Hamza is sleeping right now (or at least I hope so (time shift 2 hours)) and did not commit anything yesterday. Theoretically we should do this together because this conversion is really very complex and we can learn from each other here. But I am in a hurry because this is blocking both Voga and Welfare where three important customers are waiting for results.

Ha! And I found one bug with a probably wide area of possible consequences: str2kw() did not return a unicode (i.e. a newstr) but an encoded string.

And then some (meanwhile) trivial changes. Yes it is a pity that we didn’t do this together. But okay. So here is another set of commits in lino, xl, cosi and voga (which together fix the voga test suite).

Unfortunately this bug was not the cause for my “‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘groups’” problem.

But we are now almost there. Our last problem (for #36) is:

'NoneType' object has no attribute 'groups'

which occurs both in Lino Noi and in Lino Welfare during fab initdb. It is probably caused by the fact that these projects use Appy which is not yet futurized.

Update (9h38) : I found the place which causes the exception: it is in appy.shared.css. So yes, we need to futurize appy.