Friday, April 29, 2016

Software craftsmanship

Thanks to Yves who confirmed my recommendation of preferring print(foo) over print (foo) (see Monday, April 25, 2016). Yves also pointed me to the very interesting concept of Software craftsmanship which expresses what I have been practising all my professional life and what I formulated (on my company’s website) as “We believe that writing good software is an art, and that software developers should work and get paid like artists”. That’s also the origin of the name of my atelier package (atelier, in French, is used both for the studio of an artist and for the workshop of a craftsman).

Lino is certainly not perfect regarding Clean Code, but it is a perfect example of people who try to write clean code in a complex reality ;-) And I observed that at the age of 47 I still prefer writing myself clean code over writing about writing clean code.

Lino Voga

I continued to work on EnrolmentsAndPaymentsByCourse. I start to get satisfied…