Thursday, May 26, 2016

I optimized the menu structure for lino_xl.lib.topics.

Entering bank statements

Alexa is entering the first bank statements. This gave us a few ideas for quick optimizations:

  • I removed the error message Could not determine the general account which was issued after setting the partner of a FinancialVoucherItem.

  • New field default_amount per of an Account.

  • The date of the items of a bank statement now defaults to the last entered date. New mixins DatedFinancialVoucher and DatedFinancialVoucherItem

  • lino.core.model.Model.quick_search_filter() is now a class method on the model. And lino.mixins.Referrable now uses this to override the behaviour: when quick-searching in a table of referrables for a numeric search text, the user usually means the reference, not the primary key. For Alexa these are courses and accounts.

Less quick was the problem of the partners having more than one open invoices. Selecting such a partner into the partner field of a bank statement item should theoretically cause the SuggestionsByBankStatementItem table to open, asking which invoice(s) to select. Unfortunately it is not possible, or would at least quite tricky, to ask Lino that a grid cell edit triggers an action which opens a new window. But I found a workaround which seems satisfying: in that case, Lino now writes “<num> suggestions” into the match field. And the user is then supposed to click themselves on the “Suggestions” link of that line.

Checkins and release for Alexa. Some tests need adaption, but that’s for tomorrow.