Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wrong zooming behaviour on Firefox

I opened #957. When using Firefox on a Lino site (Sencha ExtJS), the screen renders correctly only with Zoom 0%. When I zoom, then some parts of the controls don’t resize.

Here are two screenshots (on the left: how it now looks, right: how it should look):

../../_images/0604a.png ../../_images/0604b.png

It started some days ago, maybe after upgrading to Firefox 46.0.1

It seems that neither Alexa nor Hamza have the problem.

I tried to clear my cache, to disable my plugins,… no success yet.

Default folder for saving screenshots

Question: On Ubuntu, the folder where to save a screenshot after Alt+PrintScrn is ~/Pictures. How can I change the default value to ~/Downloads?


$ gsettings set "org.gnome.gnome-screenshot" "auto-save-directory" "file:///home/$USER/Downloads"

Source: Default save directory for gnome-screenshot?

Starting invoicing plans

I opened and fixed #958. TODO: test it.

Checking for membership payments

Added a new data checker and updated The roger demo project, including some demo fixtures.