Saturday, June 18, 2016

Today I did nothing but adapting the test suites. The test suites of Lino Così, Lino Welfare and Lino Voga needed quite some changes because the demo data has changed a lot. Now they pass again.

The documents Invoicing in Lino Voga (lino_voga.lib.invoicing) and The lino_voga.lib.sales plugin now contain more meaningful tests. Though I am far from being satisfied.

I renamed the demo_bookings fixture of lino_xl.lib.finan to payments, and replaced all occurences of demo_bookings in demo_fixtures by demo_bookings payments. This was needed because otherwise the payments fixture was run before the fixtures that generated the causes for these payments.

Now that we have a separate fixture for payments, I can rename the fixture which creates automatic invoices back from demo2 to demo_bookings.

I removed the demo project because it has no real-world usage, and because it is already enough work to get the two others (edmund and roger) documented correctly.

I fixed a bug in lino.api.doctest.show_fields().