Sunday, June 19, 2016

I deployed the latest version to Die Eiche. A quick spontaneous change which they will probably like: The detail_layout of a sales invoice in Lino Voga now shows balance_before and balance_to_pay instead of total_excl and total_vat. That’s because our first target group are the other educational organisations in Eastern Belgium, none of whom needs to care about VAT.

#980 (Export vers Excel ne fontionne pas)

The CPAS de Châtelet server reported two errors related to lino.modlib.export_excel and caused by #913:

  • “ImportError: No module named openpyxl” was because they didn’t have openpyxl installed. I added openpyxl to install_requires and removed xlwt and xlrd which were still being declared there though they are no longer used.

  • Even with openpyxl installed, we had a UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’xc9’ in position 0: ordinal not in range(128) whenever some column header contained non-ascii characters.

    This case was not covered by export_excel : Exporting to Excel. I added a section which repeats the request for French user “Romain”. I had to add fr to the languages of lino_book.projects.min1.settings.

    An unrelated test, Answering to invalid requests was in this document until now, now it is in its own document.

  • lino.api.doctest now does from builtins import str.

ImportError: cannot import name ctask

James reported a problem (and its solution) which occured when using the new pyinvoke version 0.13 (released 10 days ago). I adapted atelier.invlib so that it now works with both versions.

I registered this problem as #981. It was also the reason for build failures on Travis which had started last week and which I just didn’t yet take time to look at since then.

Congratulations to James for his first code contribution.

Minor optimizations in Lino Noi

I removed the boolean fields closed, standby and feedback of a ticket from the user interface. This field is obsolete.

Convert fab release to inv release

About the abort() function:

Released Lino 1.7.2

The main reason for this release was that I wanted to test the inv release command. But anyway it was time for the next release. And indeed, version 1.7.1 failed (has no files), that’s why I did a second attempt.