20160620 (Monday, 20 June 2016)

I opened #983 and started to work on it. Mainly a mail to Sante. Added a concept in The belref project.

Stupid problems are hard to solve

Alexa and I were surprised to see that Lino did not suggest a new invoice for a given enrolment in their database. I wrote the following script in order to explore the phenomen:

from __future__ import print_function
from lino.api.shell import *
from lino.utils.xmlgen.html import E

obj = courses.Enrolment.objects.get(id=82)
ii = obj.get_invoicing_info()
print(ii.used_events.count(), "used events:", ', '.join([dd.fds(e.start_date) for e in ii.used_events]))

print(ii.invoicings.count(), "invoicings:", ', '.join([str(i.voucher) for i in ii.invoicings]))

print(ii.invoiced_events, "invoiced events")
print("Invoiceable fee:", ii.invoiceable_fee)

After more than one hour of research, I found the explanation:

Die dümmsten Probleme sind manchmal am schwierigsten zu finden! Also erstens waren ja noch nicht alle Termine bestätigt (das hatte ich dir schon gesagt), und zweitens stand das Datum in meinem Fakturationsplan noch auf 06.07.2016. Am 06.07. war ja in der Tat noch nicht das dritte Abo fällig.

Ich habe Lino jetzt so geändert, dass er das Feld “Rechnungsdatum” immer par défaut auf den heutigen Tag stellt. Und im allgemeinen empfehle ich, dass ihr “Fakturierbare bis” leer lasst (denn das bedeutet, dass er das Rechnungsdatum nimmt).

Nevertheless I also fixed a bug in lino_voga.lib.courses.models.InvoicingInfo which did not yet apear in their database but which caused some changes in the demo database. (TODO: analyze and adapt these failures).

Load the help_text of database fields from the Sphinx docs?

Today I worked almost 4 hours for #985, a rather spontaneous idea and a long-term investment.

It is a new module lino.sphinxcontrib.help_text_builder.

As an example, the lino_xl.lib.invoicing.models.Plan.journal field is defined in the docstring using an attribute directive. Now the first paragraph of that directive can be automatically used as the fields help_text:


The advantage is that I don’t need to write (and maintain) these texts twice.


  • make it more automatic (inv bh)

  • Write usage documentation for developers