Monday, June 27, 2016

Activity report in Lino Noi

I started to work on #993.

I made a first attempt using a new DirectPrintAction PrintActivityReport, but abandoned when I discovered that Lino does not yet manage list actions with a parameter window.

I decided to convert ServiceReport from appypod to weasyprint.

I noted that calling from within a template was being rendered to the console by WeasyBuildMethod.

And then another “detail” in a weasy document should not add a grey background to the table cells. This is nice when rendering tables e.g. in a slave table summary. These tableattrs and cellattrs now are no longer on the request but on the renderer.

The ProjectsByReport table now has a new column “Total time”. See working : Work time tracking.

Enrolment options

Alexa started to configure Hikes for Die Eiche. It is the first time they use enrolment options.

A little optimization: the __str__() method of courses.Line now includes the name field.

The virtual fields confirmed and requested of a course now display the sum of places (and no longer the number of records).