Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ItemsByInvoicePrintNoQtyColumn now has hide_sums set to False. Indeed this information was useless because the sum is being printed anyway afterwards. And in invoices with only one item it was even ugly.

In item_description.html we have:

{{_("Time")}}: {{obj.course.weekdays_text}} {{obj.course.times_text}}.

This lead to an ugly text in case of one-event courses:

Zeit: Jeden 0. Dienstag 09:00-18:30.

This was because lino_xl.lib.cal.mixins.RecurrenceSet.weekdays_text is far from covering all situations and far from being well-tested. I made it a bit better and added some examples in cal : Calendar functionality.

TODO: discuss with Roger and Monique about more features in item_description.html

Alexa reported #998: Yes, it is perfectly okay to write an invoice for an enrolment which starts in the future. But at least for our demo fixtures we don’t want invoices for enrolments in the future. This was in lino_voga.lib.courses.models.Enrolment.get_invoiceable_product()

Probably fixed.