Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Community work

I merged Hamza’s work on #946 into the master of Lino Noi and added a test case to tickets (Ticket management in Noi).

I noticed that builds for Lino Noi on Travis are failing for a very stupid reason: because Lino Extensions Library has never been released to PyPI. So I now released version 1.0.0 of Lino Extensions Library. Changes for this project are together with The lino package and The lino_book package.

The project settings on drone.io were still configured for using fab instad of inv. Now they are failing (at least) because the latest Lino is not released. But I leave this waiting because I started working on #1017.

Notifications framework

For #1017 we “just” want to extend Lino’s notification framework so that the actual sending of emails is done in a separate job.

  • The notify.Notification.notify method should no longer call send_email.

  • lino.modlib.notify.models must define a task which calls send_email on every unsent notification.

  • Register that task to be run every 10 seconds. The schedule package seems interesting for this.

  • Write a daemon command linod which runs all scheduled tasks.

Since the last two items will probably be interesting for other plugins as well, they should be in a central place (and not in the lino.modlib.notify plugin).

We have lino.utils.daemoncommand which worked well for watch_tim (until they migrated from TIM to Lino and no longer needed to synchronize them). But it needs to be converted from optparse to argparse.

Code changes:

  • New model mixin lino.modlib.notify.mixins.Observable. lino_noi.lib.tickets.models.Ticket and lino.modlib.comments.models.Comment are the first usage.

  • lino.modlib.notify is the first usage of the schedule package: it registers two handlers send_pending_emails() and clear_seen_notifications().

  • New admin command linod. On a development machine you simply run this in a separate terminal. On a production server this should be installed as a service (starting a new process every 10 seconds would probably cause a big server load).

  • I revised both the database structure and the API for the notification framework.

Which also resulted in a great progress for #932 (Make the comments system in Noi usable).

Bleached comments

About #1022: I stumbled over the probabele explanation: I guess that our observation was because bleach was not installed or not active. See source code of lino.modlib.comments.models.

I added ol, ul and li to lino.modlib.comments.models.Comment.ALLOWED_TAGS because these tags seem harmless.


I commited my changes to master and pushed them though some test suites are probably broken.