Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Today I had a few offline working hours.

I renamed lino.modlib.notifier to lino.modlib.notify.

I repaired all test suites after the changes of the last days.

I did a job which had been waiting impatiently (at least in my head): move lino.modlib.contacts lino_xl.lib.contacts. Ticket #838.

The following plugins moved together with lino_xl.lib.contacts:


  • remains in lino because uploads depends on it. But office roles no longer can include the contacts roles. Which means that I must adapt the roles in welfare.

  • For lino.modlib.languages I was tempted to also move it because it is not a “system” plugin. But it remains in lino because is rather a general feature than a part of the extension library. For example it is used by Lino Logos which would not be glad if we oblige them obliged to depend on XL just because of the languages plugin.

End-users and reSTructuredText markup

Ticket #1026. Alexa wrote: “schau dir doch mal die Rechnung von Frau X an. Ich habe hier Veränderungen dran gemacht und jetzt kann ich nicht mehr in die Druckansicht.”

To be more precise, she received the follwing error message:

EvaluationError: Error while evaluating the expression “table(obj.get_print_items(ar))” defined in the “from” part of a statement. NotImplementedError: inside

The server log was a bit better:

NotImplementedError: <dl> inside <text:p>

(The tags had been interpreted and not rendered. Somewhere is an escape missing).

The actual problem was that she had in her description the following text:

 25.01.16, 01.02.16, 15.02.16, 22.02.16, 29.02.16, 07.03.16, 14.03.16, 21.03.16

The second line starts with a space. And because their descriptions are interpreted as reSTructuredText markup, this is converted to HTML as a definition list.

It is of course difficult to explain to normal humans the subtleties of reSTructuredText markup… Okay we might switch them to HTML… OTOH I want to avoid a HTML editor field for invoice items at least in their application, because most of the time the content is very simple… Needs meditation.