Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First use of Supervisor

I installed linod on Oikos.

First I installed Supervisor using:

$ sudo apt-get install supervisor

and created a file /etc/supervisor/conf.d/linod.conf with this content:

command=source /path/to/prj/env/bin/activate ; python /path/to/prj/ linod
username = www-data

This failed because the command must be a command and not a shell feature. So this one is better:

username = www-data

And then the script contains:

set -e  # exit on error
cd /path/to/prj
. env/bin/activate
python linod

Of course also:

$ pip install schedule

What I learned: Running django-admin commands as a daemon using supervisor is straightforward and a pleasure.

Source distributions and data files

But then. Oops:

jinja2.exceptions.TemplateNotFound: notify/body.eml

This was because the notify/body.eml was not included with the source distribution on PyPI. So here is the next Lino release, version 1.7.4.

Which didn’t work either. Yes, indeed, the body.eml file is still missing. Before doing my next public release, I ran the following command many times in order to create a local tar.gz file which I can inspect:

$ python sdist

Finally I found here the solution which is to remove the following line from my file:


But now we have another problem:

TemplateNotFound: linoweb.js

The linoweb.js has been included previously. I assume that it is missing now because I removed the include_package_data=True.

Okay, I give up for this time. I reconfigured their site to use git clones instead of pip wheels. Lino is not yet usable when installed using pip install lino.

Adapting Lino Welfare to the new notification framework

#559 is not yet completely done: pcsw.Client must become observable.

Voice session with Mathieu and Aurélie

We talked about a series of tickets, resulting in a subtle todo list for me.

  • lino_welfare.modlib.integ.choicelists.ContractEvents: renamed ‘signed’ to ‘issued’, added new item ‘decided’. This reflects the internal field names date_issued and date_decided of a contract.

  • #1004 (Filtrage Bénéficiaires): our first plan was “quand lino_welfare.modlib.integ.models.Clients.coached_by n’est pas vide, ne prendre que les primaires”, but actually we must just default lino_welfare.modlib.integ.models.Clients.only_primary to True.

  • #1007 (Fichiers téléchargés) : La colonne “Description” est maintenant cliquable. Quand on y clique, il ouvre le document téléchargé.

    lino_welfare.modlib.uploads.models.UploadsByClient now uses the new virtual field lino.modlib.uploads.models.Upload.description_link

  • #699 : Ateliers actifs pourtant pas dans la liste des orientations possibles. Code change: Enrolment.course_choices() no longer filters by course_area.

    Todo Mais : pg Atelier Activons-nous vient-il dans panneau du dessus?

    #699 : Explication: quand on insère une inscription en faisant clic droit sur une inscription existante (pour ouvrir le menu contexte où l’on peut sélectionner “Créer”), alors il prend le course_area de celle-ci, indépendamment du panneau utilisé.

    Code changes:

    • can no longer be blank and has ActivityLayouts.default as default value.

    • Enrolment.full_clean() now always forces the course_area of the enrolment to be that of the course line.

    • detail_layout of a now shows the course_area field

    • In, removed ActivityLayouts.integ, renamed ActivityLayouts.basic to ActivityLayouts.default