Saturday, August 6, 2016

AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘FFI’

Ticket #1119 (continued from yesterday). This morning I tried with an older version of cairocffi:

$ pip install -U 'cairocffi<0.7'

Voilà! Den seinen gibt es der Herr im Schlaf!

I shared this workaround on and updated the docstring of lino.modlib.weasyprint.

Lino looking for volunteers

This week Hamza and I worked a lot on optimizing the testing workflow for Lino. The Testing Lino applications and Running the Lino test suite pages need to be updated to reflect what we learned.

As another answer to #1095, I would say that the Install your Lino developer environment is good starting point for volunteer contributors to join the core team. I updated my email address on the VolunteerOpportunities page because it seems that #854 is not yet solved.

Actually there are a few thing unclear in Developer Guide: for example the difference between Application Developers and Core Developers is not clear.

It must become more clear about what the Core Team is. We have committers (currently Hamza and I) and newbies (e.g. James, Grigorij, Sandeep, Pierre). Rumma & Ko is ready to pay hourly rate to committers, not to newbies. For newbies we offer free mentoring, which is also a great thing. There should be clear information about what a newbie needs to know in order to become a committer.

The Developer Guide should focus on the things application developers want to know: how to use Lino for writing their own application. For the moment I would rather say that it is utopic to become an independent Application Developer if you were not first member of the Core Team. That’s because the Lino API is not yet well enough documented.

The Individual contributors should be for the core team, it should also talk about the “supported applications” Lino Noi, Lino Così, Lino Voga, Lino Presto, and (maybe) Lino Welfare. Core developers should know about these applications. Not as much as to explain them to end-users, but they should be able to reproduce and fix reported problems in these applications.

Prepayment invoices

I worked for #1059 and started to configure and test the new printed_text field of PaymentTerm. Which immediately revealed a first series of bugs:

The name E was not available in an appy template, and the error reporting didn’t work very well.

To be continued.