Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lino Care moving forward

During a meeting with Annalisa we identified a few new things for Lino Care:

  • The “simple” user profile must have access to a very limited functionality. They plan to invite many people to register as simple users and to enter their pleas.

  • A new table “Where I can help”

  • And one thing which looks tiny but caused a rather big series of code changes: in Lino Care we need an action to say “I want to assign this ticket to me”. I noted that a field assigned_to was defined on both and This field is now defined in the new lino.modlib.users.mixins.Assignable mixin.

    Until now, if an application wanted to have the take action on its calendar events, it had to simply import a module

    from import take

    This module no longer exists, and I moved away from this approach (it is still there for This approach is deprecated because it has at least one disadvantage: you cannot remove it once it has been imported.

    The new approach is the lino.modlib.users.mixins.Assignable mixin in combination with two new user roles lino.modlib.users.roles.Helper and lino.modlib.users.roles.AuthorshipTaker.

Bugfix : GridEdit.select_rows is now False (it was True)

Lino at FOSDEM 2017

I submitted a request for a devroom at FOSDEM 2017:

Title: Getting started with Lino


I would give a short overview of the Lino framework, write a few example applications, and if participants bring ideas, maybe we will create a new application from scratch. Participants can get started on their own by reading before the event and get further support during FOSDEM.

Coordinator’s affinity to the topic of the devroom:

Luc is the author of the framework

Why does it fit FOSDEM:

Lino is a young expanding framework being used on 5 production sites, 4 of them in Belgium. The framework is designed for professional developers who write customized database applications for their customers or employer.

Listing your projects

I removed the inv ls command and added a --list option to per_project. Because that’s where this functionality has its right place.