Monday, August 15, 2016

Oops, in yesterday’s version there was still a bug which caused the Lino Presto test suite to break:

Exception: tickets.MyTickets.param_defaults() returned invalid keyword 'user'

Now the bug is fixed, and the Lino Noi test suite also covers it.

Increase test coverage

I “accidentally” worked on #835:

  • inv clean now accepts a --batch option.

  • I added a new configuration option inv.coverage_command

  • The source option in .coveragerc is a multi-valued string

And the of Developer Guide now defines inv.coverage_command to do the equivalent of:

pp inv prep test clean --batch bd

Result: you can now run inv cov in Developer Guide to make a coverage report which includes all projects. The process takes more than half an hour to complete.

But the big problem is that I get: warning: Module lino_xl was never imported. warning: Module lino_book was never imported. warning: Module lino_noi was never imported. warning: Module lino_cosi was never imported. warning: Module lino_voga was never imported. warning: Module lino_presto was never imported. warning: Module lino_welfare was never imported.


Note that with the current solution, coverage result will depend on the list of projects defined in your ~/.atelier/

Lino and the new ExtJS 6 Grid panel

I continued to work on ticket #1072 after three weeks of other (more urgent) things.

Once more I dived into the guides about Grids page. I noted that it speaks about setting selType which is deprecated since ExtJS 5. So maybe the whole document is not trustworthy.

Bon. Lino, until now, added a custom handleKeyDown event handler to the Ext.selection.CellModel in order to add modifications to the standard behaviour.

Question: What’s the difference between:

Ext.override(Ext.selection.CellModel, {...});


Ext.define('Lino.selection.CellModel', {
  override : 'Ext.selection.CellModel',

Theoretically I think that we want the first variant (Ext.override). Hamza, did you change this? Why?

But this question is no longer relevant, since I decided to completely remove this custom event handler because:

  • Anyway the handleKeyDown is never called because ExtJS 6 has a changed API there.

  • The ENTER and F2 keys are handled correctly (as we want it) by adding the celledit plugin.

  • I connected celldblclick to call on_celldblclick() which needed a new signature.

  • Many of these key combinations were not much used anyway (TAB, PgDn, PgUp, Ctrl+Home, …)

  • I added a handler for cellkeydown which currently is empty (just logs to the console) but should probably handle any special keys.

I am going to push these changes because I believe that it is the right direction… but there is much to do:

  • When editing a cell, e.g. END doesn’t move to the end of the cell but to the last page of the grid. Not really what we want…

  • The afteredit handler seems to be broken. It does not save objects.

  • handle INSERT and DELETE in on_cellkeydown

  • handle any normal key in on_cellkeydown so that it starts editing.

  • we need to redefine what happens when user edits the phantom record. This is buggy also when using ExtJS3.

When working on this, I am currently using mysite:

$ cd lino_extjs/projects/mysite
$ touch ; runserver

And then click on [Tickets] to have a normal grid with more than one page.