20160824 (Wednesday, 24 August 2016)

Hamza added a series of badges to the Lino README.rst file. This looks nice, but the badges were visible only on GitHub and not on PyPI nor on lino-framework.org. Hamza, you didn’t know the following: Until now I was using the convention of defining the content of README.rst in the setup_info.py file, and running inv readme (or inv bd) which overwrites the README.rst file. The advantage of this rule is that we have the same content for README.rst and the “long description” on PyPI (which is also inserted on lino-framework.org). For Lino and XL currently this didn’t happen because they don’t have any doc_tree, and I had another rule (in atelier.invlib) which said “when there are no docs, then the README file is manually maintained”. But I now removed that (latter) rule so that README.rst is always overwritten when SETUP_INFO contains a long_description. And I moved the badges definitions to the setup_info.py file. I also adapted commondata and subpackages to this new rule.

TODO (Hamza, I leave this to you if you have time):

  • The coverage badges for Lino and XL should both link to the coverage result of Book.

  • Building the docs caused warnings “nonlocal image URI found: https://readthedocs.org/projects/lino/badge/?version=latest”. I needed to set tolerate_sphinx_warnings=True ` in :ref:`book, but that’s not a good thing. Please redefine the badges using .. raw:: html directive so that no warning is given, and then reset tolerate_sphinx_warnings to False.