Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lino Care moving forward

Yesterday I had a meeting with Johannes, and now I worked on #1128 (Miscellaneous optimizations for Lino Care). Today is a meeting with Annalisa, Lukas and Carl.

lino.modlib.notify.models.clean_seen_notifications() now also deletes unseen notifications (if they are older than 24 hours).

lino.modlib.notify.models.MyMessages.get_welcome_messages was emitting its message also to users who cannot see this table (because they don’t satisfy required_roles).

New field Users.callme_mode and new table OtherUsers. This is because they want normal users to be able to see some information (phone, gsm, remarks, …)

I fixed a bug in lino.modlib.extjs which caused row actions to not get disabled in a detail form with hide_top_toolbar set to True. In ExtJS 6 front end that bug didn’t exist.

I changed the button_text of AssignToMe from [☝] to [✋].