Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lino Care moving forward

During our meeting on Thursday for Lino Care I collected some more ideas for #1128. (I’ll continue on the following list tomorrow.)


  • UserDetail - remove useless fields addr1, street_prefix, …

  • To-Do-Liste anzeigen im Hauptbildschirm

  • TicketDetail : clocking.SessionsByTicket only for Workers. This was caused by a bug (a missing e.add_requirements(*de.required_roles) ) in lino.modlib.extjs.elems which I also fixed in lino_extjs6.extjs.elems.


  • Add a button for sending a welcome mail to new users.

  • Users must be able to say whether they want to get notified by email.

  • New user profile “Collector” (Bittensammler)

  • Einfache Benutzer sollen selbst ihre eigenen Tickets nicht löschen können.

  • Collect feedback: the reporter of a ticket should be able (and invited) to evaluate a ticket when it has been done. New field rating (Excellent, Good, Okay, Suboptimal, Bad).

  • Site admins should be able to see a history and make statistics about how many tickets have been requested, done, evaluated etc.

  • Simple users should be able to write comments. The “Office” menu should come back for them, but should come after the “Pleas” menu in the main menu toolbar.


  • Einen Vorschlag ablehnen können. IOW add a possibility to “refuse” a suggestion.

  • Add a “geographical location” per ticket? Do we need the site field in its current meaning (in Lino Care)?

  • Do we need a new model “Promise (user, ticket, date_taken, date_done, evaluation)”?

New tickets:

  • Ask new users to confirm their email address (#1149)

  • Usability from a smartphone (#1148)