Saturday, October 1, 2016

Instant messaging via Lino?

#932 (Make the comments system in Noi usable) is to get Lino Noi into a state where we can actually use it for discussing about Lino related topics, including email and instant messaging. It will probably require a new feature of popup notification like Facebook and Hangouts have.

This ticket partly revokes my previous statement that Lino Noi “does not want to replace” existing email and messaging applications. In the beginning I believed that it is possible to just “integrate” these applications. Meanwhile I believe that integrating is even more utopic than replacing them.

While #932 is for “internal” use and less urgent, we have the following customer tickets:

  • #930 (Send notification when a guest checks in)

  • #923 (Display live notifications even when the browser is minimized)

Especially #923 is tricky. When Gerd and I started to talk about this, I suggested that Lino just sends notifications via e-mail and the social agents just need an e-mail client which displays notifications when new mails arrive.

Unfortunately it seems that this is not possible (Gerd tried already several times to explain me why, but I still didn’t understand).

Do we accecpt #923? We might refuse it with the explanation that we are not going to write a better Facebook.

If we accept it, what would this mean? I see at least two new things to learn:

First meeting with Rauno

Today was my first meeting with Rauno. Rauno found us via, a job database for companies located in Estonia, maintained by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

After two or three rather disappointing experiences with Estonian ICT students, I was now surprised to see that this guy is a rather promising young man. In only one session we reached as far as Contributing code, and he made his first commit. (If we committed directly and did not do a pull request, that’s rather my mistake than his.)

Rauno will make more volunteer work during the coming weeks in the hope of getting a regular job at Rumma & Ko Ltd.