Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I added a new method ChangeObserver.get_notify_message (internal preparation for #1227).

I read Why Do People Contribute to Open Source Projects?. A nice overview.

Add blogging to Lino Noi

I opened and almost finished ticket #1237: Add blogging functionality to

This seems the good way for collecting release notes, as a replacement for the current system of “deployments” (which I stopped to use because it is not realistic). Blog entries (unlike comments) are not meant for our internal communication but rather for communicating news about our work to the “outside world”: (1) release notes (“What’s changed?”) for end-users and (2) upgrade instructions for local system administrators.


  • Add a lino_xl.lib.blogs.models.Tagging model to link blog entries and topics.

  • Added a admin main item

  • Miscellaneous optimizations in lino_xl.lib.blogs and others.


  • Release it and try it on the field

  • Write a printable report which shows all blog entries in a given period for a given site (based on the interests of that site).

  • References to tickets in blog entries ([ticket 1]) are not yet clickable.

  • Generally improve the bootstrap3 interface