Friday, November 25, 2016

Hamza working on ExtJS 6

Yesterday evening, Hamza and I had a 70 minutes Skype session about #1252 (Cannot edit the start_time of a clocking.Session in a Grid panel). We did not find a solution. At midnight I left Hamza alone and went to sleep. And this morning I saw that he found the solution only 16 minutes after our meeting! Congratulations :-)

A new Johannes for Lino Care

Cool: Lino Care has a new actor.

Some weeks ago, Johannes and Anna (the two main actors of Lino Care) received the visit of a young man whose name is also Johannes and who offered his help as a volunteer for the project. And this second Johannes has years of experience as a web designer.

The new Johannes says that a web application in 2016 must have a reactive and intuitive user interface. So, of course he didn’t like Lino at first glance. Lino is optimized for people who get a few hours of training before they start using it.

His first reaction was the plan of writing a better front-end soon. I am not sure whether that will happen –his motivation for the project has rather ethical than commercial reasons– but he will certainly bring plenty of good ideas.

Today was our second meeting, and I can already confirm that he is a good scenario designer.

Together we discovered that the Lino Care database schema is lacking the concept of “help offers” (i.e. when a user declares that he wants to work on a ticket). And I guess that this concept will also be useful in the standard Lino Noi. Continued on Thursday, December 1, 2016.