Saturday, December 3, 2016

Today I tried to install a new Lino server for our own Lino Noi database on a virgin Debian 8 VPS hosted by Zone Media).

It turned out that the 256KB of RAM included with the VPS I package (9.12€/month) are not enough. Actually this memory is just needed for installing lxml and weasyprint. I tried the trick with a temporary swapfile described here, but Zone Media are smart enough to disable swap files. And while 9.12€/month was already not cheap, they are getting really expensive if I want more RAM. So this is not a solution. At OVH I get a VPS with 2 GB of RAM for 2.99€/month.

Which showed me once more that it is time to think about my general strategy. Yes it’s funny to set up Lino servers and compare the different hosting providers, but actually I don’t plan to ever sell serious professional hosting, and neither Hamza nor me should waste our time into this work. There are far enough professionals who can do this much better than I will ever do. I should either talk with Abakus and other partners about hosting for both my customers and myself.

So I started to review the Lino Hosting Guide.