Monday, December 5, 2016

Except for the code changes below, today I “wasted my time” and did nothing else but reviewing the Lino Hosting Guide.

Getting Lino Psico to work

I continued to work on #897.

I had an AttributeError 'Person' object has no attribute 'standby' when opening a table of partners. The a traceback ended with:

File ".../lino/core/", line 139, in get_bound_action_permission
  if not self.action.get_action_permission(ar, obj, state):
File ".../lino_noi/lib/clocking/", line 113, in get_action_permission
  if obj.standby or obj.closed:

Yes, of course. This was because in Lino Psico we use partners instead of tickets as the lino_noi.lib.clocking.Plugin.ticket_model.

Solution was to define a new class lino_noi.lib.clocking.mixins.Workable with a

Before pushing this to master, I ran the test suite and discovered a few trivial failures caused by the fact that certain warning messages no longer pass unseen (see Friday, December 2, 2016).

Note that you cannot simply call django.utils.timezone.make_aware() on every timestamp to be stored in a DateTimeField. You must check whether USE_TZ is True, otherwise you may get a SQLite backend does not support timezone-aware datetimes when USE_TZ is False.