Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Now about the watchers of a ticket. Basically all those who have a vote on a ticket are watchers and want to get notified when anything happens.

It is currently a user preference whether notifications are sent by email (1) immediately when they are emitted or only in a (2) daily or (3) weekly summary. Users cannot currently choose an individual frequency per vote. We might add this feature one day when somebody wants it, but currently we leave things simple.

Features to be verified:

  • Writing a comment about a ticket should automatically add you to that ticket’s list of watchers.

  • A user can invite another user to watch a ticket: in the VotesByVotable table you simply insert a row for that user.

  • Writing a comment about a ticket should send a comprehensive notification to all watchers which contains the full comment (“short” and “more” text).